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I Didn’t Call For The Police

In a world where there are many rules and regulations, cock blocks and limitations – there’s something very liberating and therapeutic about having the space to create and get lost in your own art.
It gives you the scope to unleash your thoughts, desires, concerns and visually depict your truth in a plethora of ways.

What do you do when you feel as though people don’t get it? Or when you come across people who try to police and lecture you on your art content, trying to condemn you for exploring “taboo” subjects with fearless approach?

My advice….


Nobody has the ability to speak your truth better than you, and we have every right to create art befitting to our styles, our interests and dreams. It’s a visual representation of your conscience. Albeit only a small segment of it, but it’s yours all the same.
When posting work on a public platform then yes – opinions may vary and people will always have something to say as it’s their right…

But this should not shift your stance.

You may be backed up by a torrent of naysayers and prudish comments – and that’s fine because art isn’t always meant to be understood.

It’s all about interpretation – what it may mean to the creator may paint an entirely different picture in a viewers mind. We’re all shooting hoops from different corners of the court.

Some forms of contemporary art I have absolutely no connection to or understanding of (for example) but the artist who created it, does. They’re the ones who resonate with it in some way, it’s not for me to go up to them and tell them how to “do art”.

It’s sort of like, being the only person who has a big enough nutsack to raise an issue in a staff meeting that everyone has been complaining about for the last 3 months, while they all timidly shrink into their seats and leave you to look like you’re the only one with the issue. That shit is admirable. Stay true to your beliefs and don’t cave into conformity. Conformity is dry and regressive, don’t be that guy (or girl, or person).

I’m always saying this and I will repeat it – speak your truth and fully exercise your right to creative freedom, there’s a lot of fun to be had.
Grant nobody with the power to take that away from you – speak it unapologetically.

Long live honesty.

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