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Hey all! I’m Kei Maye; a creative coach and digital artist from London. I curate events, offer one to one coaching and design products to motivate and empower freelancers & visual artists.

I’m here to help you get the heck out of your own way, command the life you want and push your creative potential to its highest frequency.

The Ultimate

Pricing Guide for Visual Artists & Designers.

Running a creative business and/or freelancing can be a difficult task to manage. How do you price creativity? How do you attract paying clients? How do you provide a premium product and/or service?

‘Up The Ante’ is the ultimate guide to pricing, value and doubling your income as a visual artist or designer this tax year. Covering areas related to value based pricing, tier based pricing, formulas, conversations surrounding finance with clients and a host of more relevant material. To boot, free e-mail templates, worksheets and pricing guides have been included.

So if you are wanting to increase your rates and raise the frequency of your creative business, this ebook has all the tools you need; from start to finish.


What readers have said:

Jargon free

"Super helpful, you made it clear, straightforward and engaging. Simple and easy to follow."

Pricing Guide

"Up The Ante has been such a big help! Especially the pricing guide for t-shirt design."


"It kicks my ass over and over again, especially with organising, because I tend to slip!"


"The email templates have been the most helpful so far! I hate emails!"

T’shan / Illustrator

Insta: @tshan.psd

Bitto Art / Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Insta: @bybitto_art

Lisa Schrofner / Illustrator

Insta: @liser.art

Parys Gardener / Illustrator

Insta: @parysgardenerart


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Solopreneur Resource Pack
A list of resources and apps to help keep all of your creative business organised.
Client Growth Checklist
Want to attract clients? This free checklist outlines top tips to increase visibility.
Creative Contract Template
This is a free & editable contract template, tailored for art and design projects.


The creative life you want is sitting there looking at you, waiting for you to collect it. Its been sat on that bench for ages, just staring at you.

You can see it can’t you? So what’s stopping you from getting there? You having difficulty figuring out a route? Scared of the beasts that might jump out along the way? Something gripping you and holding you back?

Think of me as your personal tour guide. I will help you sniff out and tackle potential pitfalls and challenges, offer working solutions and help you to remove the fear that holds you back.

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