STRESS LESS SERIES: Creative Block 101


“I have no ideas!”

“I can’t think of anything and it’s pissing me off!”

“I’m so uninspired right now, seriously”

We’ve all been there. That dark place we call “creators block”. Feeling like all the great ideas have been siphoned off to what feels like everyone else on the planet, leaving us with neglected pencils and blank .PSD files.

Don’t do yourself the disservice of trying to force something to happen. If you keep trying to push it, you will do nothing but drive yourself mad. Spending hours scrolling yourself dizzy on Pinterest, or staring at an empty canvas waiting for an idea to magically arrive – is a fast track to frustration. Please don’t do it to yourself.
We are not machines. There are moments when you will need to stop, recharge and re-evaluate.  In these moments – you may find yourself completely drained and uninspired – and this is okay.

Drop your tools, seek new vantage points, check out new places, listen to new music – discover and uncover.

As the saying goes “if you do what you’ve always done, then you’ll get what you’ve always got”. If you are constantly trying to conjure up new ideas by doing the same old shit, you will eventually run out of material. It’s like looking for pistachio ice cream in Lidl knowing full well they don’t have it, but turn up there every day expecting it to magically be stocked – instead of trying another shop.

First step is to give yourself the space and time to get back to base, clear your mind and ease your frustration. This refreshed energy may open your eyes and mind to things you never noticed before, bringing brand new ideas and inspiration with it.
Creative blocks are irritating and frustrating, but they can also serve as a necessary part of the creative process. They can strengthen and diversify your outlook, urging you to seek alternative routes and sources to jolt you back into gear.

Try not to see it as a negative thing – it can serve as a blessing in disguise. Sometimes it could simply be the case that you’re tired and just need some rest before you try to jump on it – and other times it’s life’s way of saying ‘meh, this is getting a little boring – let’s try something different’.

Don’t be so hard on yourself, enjoy your journey, blocks and all.