EXHIBITION: Roots Culture Identity


My work is being exhibited for the first time in …for the first time full stop – along with a number of other artists from minority backgrounds. Here is a little background on the event, and what it’s all about.

The Roots Culture Identity art exhibition is hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee and is the concept of activist, poet, artist and curator of the exhibition Zita Holbourne, who is elected to the TUC Race Relations Committee.

The exhibition, hosted by the TUC Race Relations Committee, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year and was established to meet one of the TUC Stephen Lawrence Task Group objectives, to use the Marble Hall at the TUC to showcase the artistic talents of young black creatives. The exhibition aims to provide an opportunity for black and minority ethnic and migrant artists who are marginalised and face discrimination in the arts and culture sector as well as the disproportionate and multiple impact of austerity.

Details in the images below: