I want my own sense of style!


It goes without saying that art and design is massively multi faceted, with a trillion different avenues and countless ways to bring ideas to life – we get that – but how do we establish our own sense of style, how do we get to the point where someone can look at a piece of our work and automatically know who’s it is?

Let’s break it down a little.
If you deliberately try to force a stylised route, or a way of working –  you’re doing yourself a huge disservice.

“I wanna try that but it doesn’t fit with the style of the work I’ve already got.It’s kinda like wanting to travel the world – but never flying outside of your continent.

Not only are you placing restrictions on yourself and limiting your body of work – you are also disrupting the organic flow of creativity, and single handedly dragging your portfolio into the land of contrivance.

Explore different techniques, processes and methods to give yourself the scope to experience different styles of creation. It may sound like a bit of an oxymoron – to try different styles to eventually come into your own, but this way, you are opening yourself up to new possibilities, finding ways to fuse elements together in a new, interesting and unique way.

Your style will find you. Focus on what you enjoy, continue to create work with content that you love, and that has meaning to you. We all have our own special ways of doing the same things.

Person A might eat the Oreo whole, while person B might prefer to take it apart and eat it in stages. In a similar respect, person A might have a fondness for bright zesty colour, while the other can’t take the loudness and prefers the subtler earthier tones. We all have our little quirks, interests and ways that manifest itself into our bodies of work…provided this natural flow isn’t interrupted by restriction.

The visual aspect isn’t the only piece of the puzzle, the content and thought process behind it also has a massive part to play. What drives you? What are your interests? What are you trying to communicate? These are all features that are exclusive to you. Partnering this with an armoury of skills and the ability to hone in on a concept provides you with a sturdy foundation to find and ride your wave.

Don’t get hung up on themes and styles, work on honing your craft and exploring different ways to express your ideas.

Have fun with it and don’t stress! X