Old Manor Park Library : Open Studios 2017


I was invited by the talented Antonietta Torsiello to come and check out the open studios event over the weekend, and snoop around all of the workspaces, sketchbooks and inventories of the artists in the building.

There were workshops going on, a range of practices and disciplines on show along with some refreshments (gotta have refreshments) from a multi-cultural selection of creators. 

It was great to see an art space so full of diversity and talent, super inspiring and motivational. I also spent some time talking to the creators about their work and it was interesting to hear the different thought processes and meaning behind it all. 

Some saw art as a form of therapy and healing, some chose to celebrate the beauty of natural materials and others used their art to make a statement – a range of vantage points with one recurring theme – their truth.

Below I’ve posted some snaps I managed to take before my phone clocked out on me.



Fungai Marima


Above: Antoniette Torsiello & Fungai Marima

Above: Martin Garrett – these sketches were part of an illustrated true story, that depicts the time he and his friend were held at gunpoint in Leytonstone.


Above: found this little gem in the corner, under construction – couldn’t get access to the room so I leant over the barrier and took some nosey snaps of it instead.




Above: OOMK (One Of My Kind) zine – I stood there and flicked through every issue. There were no corny ads or baseless articles in any of the publications – instead it was packed with creativity, culture and purpose. I enjoyed them all.



Above: I didn’t spot any names in the above studios, but if you’ve come across this post and this is yours, please let me know in the comments!


Above: more from Antonietta Torsiello & Fungai Marima


Above: more from Martin Garrett