Roots. Culture. Identity: Photos


Over the last week, myself along with a number of other artists exhibited at the annual Roots Culture Identity Art Exhibition in the Congress House on Tottenham Court Road. This is the 5th year of the event, and it serves as a platform for artists from minority backgrounds or young people who feel they are under-represented in the mainstream arts sector to showcase themselves, their work and their stories.

I’ve posted up some images from the event, and I want to thank all my friends and family who came out to support!

My stall / notebooks & art posters.


Work by the talented Susan Alexander

Work by my lovelies Camilla ‘Mica’ Daniel (left) & Antonietta Torsiello (right)

Close up of the powerful ‘Not Yours’ stencils by Camilla ‘Mica’ Daniel

Beautiful pieces by Guilaine Arts

The awkward always me. In any case, we were called up to the front of the TUC conference and introduced to all the delegates by the wonderful curator of the exhibition Zita Holbourne.

Gorgeous prints by Antonietta Torsiello.

Both of these pieces are by the talented Mustafa Muhammad.

 More pieces by Mustafa Muhammad (left) and Raymond Daley (right)

My pieces (left) Dionne Ible’s mosaics on the right.

Token cheesy photo to finish proceedings.