Stress Less Series: Make ‘failure’ your bitch.


I don’t want to fill this post with a load of fluffy pinterest quotes or sugar coated ideologies and nonsense, I don’t want to do you guys the disservice – but I did happen to come across this gem that I think sets the tone for this post:


Failure is a plot twist. It’s meant to serve as a temporary inevitability of life, to teach us many lessons – never intended to be a permanent fixture (unless you choose to do sweet zilch about it) to serve as a way to highlight not just what to cut out completely, but areas that could do with some strengthening.

You might be trying to launch a store, or an agency, maybe you’re trying to become a successful blogger and after trying to blow for years and years…it hasn’t quite happened yet. You may be thinking ‘what the hell is the point?‘, ‘why isn’t this moving anywhere?’.  Then the comparison starts doesn’t it? Oh yeah…the whole “how come they’ve just started and they’re already doing so well?” thing.

First of all, throw that comparison stuff in the bin. Instead, use the energy you would have wasted scrolling and comparing your tale to others, to make ‘failure’ work for you. Failure has a way of honing in on the shortcomings and delivering it on a plate to us. Some choose to eat it, digest and push it out into the universe again while others push the plate away and never attempt to eat it in the first place. Choosing instead to take a look at the plate, deciding they don’t like the look of it, thus refusing to take a bite – so they never find out if it’s something they may have actually enjoyed.

If you’re finding you feel like you’re stuck in a rut and nothing is moving forward, have a honest word with yourself. Have you changed anything? Or have you been doing the same shit over and over again but somehow expected different results? (A lot of us are guilty of this, including me).

If something isn’t working, it doesn’t mean it never will. Life is literally trying to tell you that you need take an alternative route to your destination because you’ve hit a dead end. All that needs to happen is you need to put that engine in reverse and either change direction, or get some comfy shoes on and walk it. Either way, there is always another path you can take, you just need to dig deep, open your mind and remind yourself why you want this.

Embrace failure. It’s there to benefit you, it just has a shitty way of showing it.

Some people are afraid to get started as their fear of ‘failing’ is so strong, but the thing is, if you don’t even get started – then you’ve not given your ideas the chance to take a breath. It’s dead already. If you choose to stay in this …state of fear then ‘failure’ will get comfortable and stick around. So now, the thing you feared the most has already got you in a headlock, are you gonna just let man grip you up like that? Or are you gonna at least try to break free?

Everyone has their different paths set out, different opportunities, and trials – we know this. However, we shouldn’t use others’ success as a standard to judge our own situations – your journey is different and is unique to everyone else’s. We don’t know what doors may have shut in that persons face for them to get where they are, because all we’re seeing is the polished and completed product. You are more than capable of achieving the things you wish to achieve, and failure can help you get there. Pay attention to what it is saying, apply it and use it to make sure you don’t repeat the same mistakes.

If we all sailed through life with no issues, no roadblocks, no failings – we’d be a bunch of sandcastles. Failure gives us the chance to push ourselves, exercise innovation and make full use of our surroundings to become resourceful and resilient beings. Sandcastles get smushed. Smushed by toddlers.  You ain’t no damn sandcastle.


Get it.