The People Detox


Before I get started, I promise this isn’t a post trying to morph us all into a nation of hermits ready to siphon ourselves off from the world, removing human interaction completely. No, this is merely a post dedicated to the healthy and self caring act of detoxifying.

So, there are absolutely billions of people on the planet, which means billions of opinions, and billions of ideas and dreams all buzzing around and crashing into each other. A mix mash of confusion, indifference, agreement – just a tonne of confusing shit. Now, in order for us to be the best version of ourselves, we need to learn what to take from all this; what do we absorb and what do we expunge? Does it serve to push you higher or push you down into the dirt? This categorisation process also includes…people.

There comes a time when you need to just…be alone. Those moments of solitude where you can sit and really think about what it is you enjoy, what waves you want to make and how you’re going to make them – key word: YOU. I’ve seen it happen all too often; people amending their goals and wishes to make their critics feel less uncomfortable. Buying into the whole ‘You can’t possibly do that‘ rhetoric spewed by people who haven’t found the nuts to even try to make anything work for themselves. These people need to be expelled. Cilit bang such individuals from your space as they do nothing but subtract.

Some people are like seasons and are only intended to be temporary in your life. These people could be presented as friends who you may now have just discovered are little more than slow burning toxins. A poisonous substance that was working its way through your system leisurely and only now you are feeling the symptoms.

Rid yourself of such harmful substances. Toxic people love nothing better than to see someone doing well for themselves…and then smushing them down to their eye level. These kinds of people can never truly be happy or supportive of anyone else, as they have not yet figured out how to even deal with themselves. Their own self destruction causes a domino effect as they can’t accept the fact that others have worked out how to pass levels they haven’t reached yet. They want company, so will do whatever it takes to make others feel the same way they do.

Then you may get those pesky people who you only hear from when they have non constructive criticism to make – or when they want something. Please do not insult yourself by giving these people any play. All these people want to do is withdraw from your bank account and leave you in debt. пока.

Or perhaps there is someone from your past that you are struggling to move on from, like an ex boyfriend or ex…it’s complicated. Stop torturing yourself by scrolling through feeds and checking ‘likers’ – either address them directly to get whatever closure you need, or leave it in past tense. Notice how your productivity can be reduced, spending all that time checking your phone for a message or some form of communication from whoever it is you’re reminiscing about. You are not doing yourself any favours, you are too great to let anyone sap up your vibe like this. Do not give other people such power over you and your emotions. Detox.

If you find you energy has depleted after communicating with certain people, or you feel as though you have to suppress feelings of excitement as to not ‘upset’ said person or (people) then you need to seriously consider whether this is a person that you should be inviting into your space at all. Time and energy is precious, far too precious to waste stroking the egos of vampires.

As an act of self care, and out of love for yourself – expel the baggage from your life as it is not your weight to carry. Sometimes it isn’t so easy to spot the shapeshifters, but the ones who truly care will always be there and undeniably so. Keep those people in your heart and detoxify yourself of the rest.