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Creative Debuts / Nasty Women: Empowerment Exhibition

(featured image featuring the work of Rayvenn D’Clark – her ‘untitled’ piece)

I was so grateful to be given the opportunity to exhibit in the second running of the Nasty Women exhibit here in London. A celebration of female empowerment, bringing artists from various disciplines together for three nights of creativity, showcasing and letting loose!

The event was a collaboration between Creative Debuts & Nasty Women (click their names for their respective websites) – raising money from art for the End Violence Against Women coalition. So not only were we out there living out loud and unapologetically, we were also there for a cause.

Below I have some snaps (taken from the Creative Debuts facebook page) – I will post some links to the various places you can see more images from the event! As well as a video from the event!

(images taken by Ryan Prince / Film by Kevin Takagi)



(Florence Given)

Hey! (it’s me)



Angharad Pelling


Rayvenn D’Clark



Jasmine Sehra



Francena (Le Bleu Art)




The event is featured on the following links, check them out for the full scoop! (and more pics!)


Insta Teaser


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The Anti Art Fair

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