How To: Create A Professional Lookbook

  1. You know what looks great? Your prints.

You know what would look even better? Your prints presented in a professionally styled lookbook. 

“What even is that?”

A lookbook is a set of photographs or images displaying an artist or designer’s body of work, curated to present to companies/potential clients.

By creating a catalogue, your potential clients/customers won’t have to sift through a trove of hyperlinks; flitting back and forth trying to visualise how they could style your products – nor will they have to rely on your Instagram feed and go ham with screenshots.

A lookbook is an excellent way to demonstrate a particular theme of a collection you are presenting with displays of complimenting colours, shapes and styles. You can include anything to go with your prints, be it make-up designs, shoes, hairstyles, environment – anything you feel will solidify the narrative of the collection. Tell an engaging story with your pieces, turn it into an experience.

Get inventive! You can create mockup photosets and backgrounds if you have any tangible items you would look to feature.

Marta Veludo


Maybe you would like to paint, sketch or digitally manipulate and illustrate your content. It’s entirely your call. Wherever your spirit leads you, mate.

Lookbooks are also great for personal use as well. Play with elements, experiment with placement – how do you want it to look? Does it all work in the way you want? It can be exciting to see your work in action and get a feel for how your pieces will work.


“Ok but how, sway?”

Great news! There are many ways for you to easily have your very own catalogue. One option is to utilise websites like catalogmachine and lucid press and their services to create your lookbooks online for free.

Another option is to upload/scan your own ready made high quality images and compile them into a PowerPoint or PDF presentation. You can play around with inDesign or Photoshop; creating backgrounds, illustrating, creating collages etc.

For example, take this mockup (also handy to note; there’s a page here for mockup resources).

Pair it with this background;

to get something that looks like this:

This is just one example of the many simple methods, bringing together two basic elements to create a clean, modern page to show off your products.

You don’t have to be an allstar superstar designer or an absolute whizz with graphics – you just need to have an idea, a little patience and some imagination.

If none of this appeals to you and you would still prefer to get your hands on some ready made templates; that’s cool too. These can be really worth the investment, as you can find some truly clean and professional material, waiting for you to customise and make your own without having to start from scratch.

Below are a handful of premium options, all below $30/£22. These are some of the most clean, modern and professional templates on the web.


[skin-wave-divider position=”horizontal” align=”center” color=”#353535″ animate=”true”/]


Ninth by Rifqi Ali Ridho

Price $21.60 / £16

Pages Included: 40

Software Needed: Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 & CS6 &CC

Photographs not included in this purchase.



Lookbook Style Presentation Bundle by TempLabs

Price $29 / £21

Pages Included: 500 slides

Software Needed: PowerPoint or Keynote

Photographs not included in this purchase, but available to download for free (links provided by creator)



Flora Lookbook by Made For Creatives

Price $16/ £12

Pages Included: 40

Software Needed: Adobe InDesign CS4, CS5, CS5.5 & CS6 &CC or Photoshop

Photographs not included in this purchase.

(Creator note: This product does require a working knowledge of InDesign and Photoshop in order to customize the template.)


Have fun!

Created a lookbook? Drop an e-mail with your name, socials and a link to your catalog to: for a chance to feature on the Print Plug Instagram page or here on the site!