London, UK


I tried to write this in third person, but it felt weird – so without further ado..

Hey! I’m Kei, a print designer, illustrator and a generally awkward twenty-something from London. I love the colour pink, cake and custard and I also love playing with my kitten when she’s not busy trying to rip the house to shreds.

I’ve been involved in the design industry for around 13 years, starting out by dipping my big toe into the world of Graphic & Web Design, juggling commissioned projects with my all of my uni modules, before transitioning into the world of illustration at the start of 2017.

Simply put, I love to make things. I love finding new ways to create pieces, and learn about new techniques, skills and methods. My pieces are all derived from sources of inspiration, irritation, love, frustration, and a whole host of situations and elements of every day life.

If you’re hosting any shows, events or exhibits and you would like to get in touch, or if you just want a pow wow – feel free to hit me up through e-mail ( or on the socials! x

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