I’ve always been involved in the arts for as long as I can remember; and coming from a creative family (including poets, musicians, illustrators and sculptors) it was pretty much written in the stars when I popped out on the delivery table.
I spent my years exploring my creativity in a bunch of ways; web design, graphic design, surface design and illustration – providing me with so many great opportunities and experiences along the way.
I’ve exhibited in numerous exhibitions and showcases, had pieces (some currently) sold through various online retailers including Urban Outfitters & Not On The High Street, curated events, been involved in panels and even spent some time as a primary school Art Teacher.
I know what it’s like to finally finish uni expecting to land some fancy design job in a studio, only to get lambasted with a tonne of ‘Hi, unfortunately’ e-mails. I know what it’s like to turn up to work every day and feel miserable because you’d rather be making things and getting paid for it. I know what it’s like to trawl your way through the creative jungle and wonder if you’ll ever break free –
because I was that person.
One morning, I woke up and thought ‘f*ck this!’ quit my soul sucking job and decided to fully submerge myself into the world of creativity.I knew if I wanted to have this life of lucrative freedom I would have to branch out and take a chance on myself. I haven’t looked back since.
Which leads me to here and now; doing what I love! Creative coaching and digital product designing. I provide hubs of information, resources and services to inspire and empower creators to become the autonomous creative entrepreneurs and specialists they want to be.
Sounds cliche – but the life you want is there for the taking. If you’re ready for the discovery – let’s work!

Creative Coaching

Any questions or concerns? Feel free to drop me a line! Messages will be responded to within 2 working days.