I can help you if you are:

Stuck in a state of ‘analysis paralysis’ procrastinating your days away.
Seeking to monetise your skills and do what you love for a living.
Feeling dejected and run down from trying things that don’t appear to be working.
Scared of ‘failing’.
Having difficulty managing tasks and finding a organisation system that…works.
Dealing with feelings of imposter syndrome and need help truly understanding your value.
Working in a job but create on the side with the premise of becoming a full time creative entrepreneur.
A freelance artist/designer tired of chasing invoices and need help tightening up contracts.
In need of assistance finding your USP.
In need of pricing solutions for your creative services.
Unsure what’s blocking you creatively and need help finding out.
Beyond ready to create the life you want and ready to get to work!

Areas I Cover
Visual Arts & Emotion
Visual Arts & Tech
Visual Arts & Business

Over the last 15 years, I’ve lived through and learned how difficult it could be attempting to juggle creativity with life and all of its things. I totally understand. I also understand that often, your greatest obstacle is staring right back at you in the mirror; talking you out of ideas and blocking your blessings.
All of the resources and tools you need to create the life you want are there; sometimes you we just need a little help accessing them.
Other times you may find yourself affected by factors seemingly out of your control and could really do with the support and guidance to make the best out of your situation; finding a way to balance everyday life and your creative practice.


Taking a deeper look at your situation, unpacking and noting triggers and areas of concern.

Goal Setting

Getting to the bottom of the ‘want’. What do you really want out of your creative career? Let’s figure it out


Where the impact happens and procrastination comes to die.

Photography : instagram.com/_manlikealex
Event: Freelancer 101 Class. 2019
Coaching Options
  • 1
    Email Support
    • Have any burning questions you want answered? Get in touch with any issues you're having via e-mail. Convenient & accessible for all, wherever you are on the planet.
  • 2
    Audio/Video Coaching
    • Live overseas? Limited mobility? Work from home? All of the available coaching options are designed to be accessible to all. The one to one sessions require Skype to operate.

1 hr Intensive


One to One Coaching & Email Support

  • 60 Mins Audio/Video Coaching
  • Customised Action Plan
  • Free 15 minute consultation

3hr Intensive


3 x One to One Coaching & Email Support

  • FREE 15 Min Consultation
  • 3 X 60 Min Audio/Video Coaching
  • 1 Week Follow Up Email Support
  • Payment Plan Options available.

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