The Ultimate Guide To Pricing Creative Services

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Are you pricing your art & design services like poundstretcher?

Time to flip the script.

The Ultimate Guide to Pricing & Recognising Value ebook is designed to provide you with all the tools you need to triple your income and harness your value as a visual creator & freelancer.

This has been specifically designed to explore and provide solutions for the following;

  • Are unsure how to price your creative services.
  • Want to charge premium prices, but not sure how to implement a premium pricing strategy.
  • Deal with confidence issues as a designer, preventing you from raising the bar.

Included within this e-book:

– Pricing Formulas (tier based, hourly & value based methods)
– E-mail templates
– Worksheets
– Over 50 pages of fluff free, transparent advice with solid methods and content.


  • EPUB & PDF Format (can be accessed on iBooks, Kindle Reader & Any PDF Reader)
  • Separate Templates & Worksheets

File is downloaded as a .zip file. (Please also check junk mail folders for downloads.)







Product Description

Do away with all the talk about artists & designers being ‘lowly paid hobbyists’ – imagine if tomorrow, all of the creators vanished off the face of the Earth.
Do you have any idea of the impact this would have on businesses? The entertainment industry? Life as we know it?

This planet would be catastrophically screwed, homie. 


Pricing Methods & Formulas

Whether you need support with time based pricing, tiered or value based pricing, each method has been broken down into solid step by step strategies, ready for you to apply to your creative practice.



You’ve raised your prices and now what? How do you then approach the client with this info? Inside are e-mail templates and guides to help you navigate those tricky conversations. You’ve got this in the bag.


How To: Uplevel

“I want to charge more but – how do I make the service worthy?”
Inside are tips on how to flip the script, with a step by step guide to the processes that will take your services to the next level.


Personal Cheerleader

It’s an absolute jungle out there. What’s needed is support, working solutions & transparency. Up The Ante encompasses all of the above to make sure you receive all the blessings you deserve.



If you:

  • Have trouble demonstrating and recognising the value behind your craft.
  • Deal with imposter syndrome and question whether you’re good enough.
  • Want assistance addressing tricky conversations surrounding budgets and rates.
  • Are in need of formulas and methods to put into action and get solid results.
  • Need help pricing your services and charging what you deserve.
  • Want to raise prices, but need pointers to deal with the after effects.
  • Want to learn how to uplevel your services to command premium rates.
  • Want tips to attract higher paying clients.
  • Are ready to get out of your own way and bring on the blessings.


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  1. 5 out of 5

    Just finished reading my friend’s ebook and what can I say it is an essential guide to helping artists understand pricing wether they are new to it or still building their confidence in negotiating with clients. Also those who already have their own pricing system in place – it’s still worth having a read through as you can pick up some really useful tools. I love that even though Kei Maye gives it to you straight, she doesn’t use too much designer talk jargon and uses a rather friendly, sometimes even cheeky tone making it very easy to digest for artists with any level of experience. Not to mention the design of the ebook itself is fresh and exciting to look at.

    Well done and thank you to Kei Maye for continuing to bring such useful insight, tools and advice for freelancers ❤

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