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Artists Events Exhibitions 22/04/2017 Creative Debuts: Meet The Artists

Took a trip down to the Meet The Artists: Society & Culture Art Exhibition launch on Thursday to support my friend Renee and check out work from talented artists. I’ve compiled a few images from the evening – I would like to squeeze in another visit to the exhibit to get some more shots cause …

Artists Illustration Inspiration Life 11/01/2017 I Can’t Flipping Draw!

I launched my pencil and my barren sketchbook across the room after trying to draw simple body shapes (without heads the size of planets) – for the best part of 5 hours. Ten Jupiter heads later, I was done. I told myself I couldn’t draw, and that I should just stick to designing Piczo websites and Myspace layouts, …

Artists Exhibitions Illustration Inspiration 17/12/2016 Exhibition 191 : UoW

I waded through a truck load of vomit and rubbish down Old Street’s narrow pavements to visit this Exhibition – and I’m glad I did. There were inspiring installations, animations and pieces of work on show, curated by the third year Illustration & Visual Comms students of UoW. I took a trillion pics, but I’ve …

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